This site began as a place to put my photographs and that's pretty much what it still is today.  Below are photo galleries, travel logs, and other stuff of mine.  To the right are links to websites I've contributed to.

photos Tet in Seattle 2013 - 2019
photos Indoneisia 2014 & 2015
photos Indoneisia / Malaysia 2009
photos Ethiopia / Asia photos 2005
photos Indonesia / Malaysia 2004
photos Asia photos 2002 part one
photos Asia photos 2002 part two
photos Asia photos 2002 part three
photos Asia photos 1995
photos General photo gallery
photos Chump Car race 2010
photos CLUTCH movie production photos
photos Cell phone pics
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In the past I tried to fight the shortcomings of Earth's web browsers and make "cool" websites, but gave up and made this one insetad.

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